Tech Support Manager


Tamia joined Change Machine as the Tech Support Manager in 2021. In this role, Tamia helps with the Onboarding Process for our partners, provides customer support for our platform and tools, and assists in developing, debugging, and Q&A for new features. Tamia looks forward to being able to assist Change Machine’s partners in our shared goal of uplifting and building financial security for the economically disadvantaged.

Tamia has worked in various tech support roles including a Product Advisor for the Microsoft (Retail) Store, as well as a Technology Consultant for the South Central Kansas Library System. Tamia has a passion for learning about and teaching people about technology. Although new to the fintech world, Tamia is excited to learn more and contribute to the ways that technology can assist and advance people and businesses.

Tamia has a Master’s in Library Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Database Design and Administration from the University of Denver. In her free time, Tamia enjoys learning about technology, powerlifting, reading, watching movies/TV, and listening to music.