Full Stack Software Engineer

Rehan is part of the Product team, helping maintain and expand the Change Machine platform. His goal is to implement as many new features as possible to help streamline the coaching process and to help the advancement of financial security and economic equity for all.

He graduated mid-2020 from Hunter College with a Bachelors in Computer Science. He is a Full Stack Web Developer with knowledge on various softwares such as React, Node.js, Spring Boot, and SQL. He has created many apps during his time at Hunters, CUNY Hackathons, and Per Scholas. He is always looking forward to learning new things and creating new applications to help others.

He loves Weight Lifting as well as doing Calisthenics and Cardio. HE feels that having a good balance of both mental and physical strength is important for living a healthy lifestyle. He also loves playing Tennis and Ping pong.