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Financial Coaching Tools for Better Social Service Outcomes

An online financial coaching platform that covers all the bases. Access all the tools your organization needs to make an impact for your clients anytime, anywhere.

Change Machine’s all-in-one platform helps social service organizations and public agencies successfully embed financial coaching into their service delivery models for low-income communities.


  • Boost Client Outcomes and Scale Best Practices

  • Collaborate and Network Through Community

  • Upskill Staff on Your Terms, At Your Pace

  • Unify Data to Collect, Manage, Track, and Report Your Client Goals, Action Plans, and Outcomes in One Place with Ease

Join us in our mission to help low-income communities reach financial stability through effective financial coaching.


Our social collaboration tool providing peer-based learning supported by a dedicated community 


  • Connect and collaborate with a community of your peers to stay up to date with the latest best practices and topics from the field to support your financial coaching journey
  • Scale effective strategies and improve outcomes with our extensive list of events, tools, forums, and training resources
  • Receive recommendations for vetted fintech products based on your customers’ unique financial situations and goals


Learn on Your Terms – Our asynchronous learning tool for self-paced upskilling – The knowledge you need at your fingertips, at your pace


  • Accelerate your financial coaching journey with a field-tested financial security curriculum

  • Access a toolbox of more than 150 customer-facing tools and tipsheets, available in English and Spanish 


Discover efficiency with our state-of-the-art data management tool, now available on the Salesforce App Exchange, empowering you to meticulously track and manage your client’s financial aspirations.


  • Easily tracking customer financial goals, action plans, and outcomes

  • Clearly demonstrate impact with ready-to-use reports and dashboards

  • Showcase success while saving time and effort