Scaling Financial Development: Improving Outcomes & Influencing Impact

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The authors are grateful to the following people who generously provided input and feedback on the report: Mary Bambino, Yael Bat-Chava, Maria Buck, Haidee Cabusora, Cathie Mahon, Vanessa Martin and Matt White.


High-performing anti-poverty public sector programs and nonprofits are constantly improving their services that address challenges faced by our nation’s poor and vulnerable populations. From volume-driven workforce development services to case management-based domestic violence prevention programs, quality programs often examine their results against the investment they are making to achieve their missions. Given the importance of financial security to a wide range of customers and issues and the cost of delivering those services, we at The Financial Clinic asked ourselves: can financial development services be embedded into established social service delivery models to create scale? And, can financial development services facilitate the attainment of other organizations’ missions and outcomes?

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