Practitioner Spotlight: Sonia Garrison with Self-Help Credit Union

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Meet Sonia Garrison, Financial Capability Program Manager with Self-Help Credit Union, a nonprofit community development lender located in Durham, North Carolina. Self-Help is currently in the midst of completing a three-year Financial Capability Initiative designed to arm staff and members with the knowledge and behavioral tools necessary to achieve financial security and well-being. Self-Help was first introduced to Change Machine at the beginning of 2020, while at a critical stage of development in their financial coaching program. 

How has Change Machine helped with the development of your financial coaching program?

Change Machine has provided one-on-one trainings and support sessions to help our financial coaches practice and design coaching sessions. Tipsheets provide an extra layer of support to our new financial coaches, most of whom are independently operating in branches across the country. We are confident that our financial coaches will be a valuable resource, as they have specific materials to draw upon when dealing with members who are dealing with a wide array of financial challenges.

What features of Change Machine’s platform are most useful to Self-Help?

Change Machine’s platform is a vital component of our internal financial coaching program. The platform’s financial coaching modules have helped our new coaches build on their experience, and incorporate key elements of the financial coaching approach. The platform provides a blueprint for coaching sessions, and allows us to track key metrics and outcomes that will inform the future development of our program.

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