Practitioner Spotlight: Sheri Dozier with Cleveland Neighborhood Progress

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sheri dozierThis week, we are pleased to highlight Sheri Dozier with Cleveland Neighborhood Progress — a local community development funding intermediary with thirty years of experience investing in community revitalization work in Greater Cleveland. As the Director of Economic Opportunity and Community Financial Centers, Sheri develops and implements asset-building strategies in Community Financial Centers, workforce development, and small business and entrepreneurship. Sheri has been using Change Machine’s platform since 2016.

Why did Cleveland Neighborhood Progress get involved in building financial security in your community?

Our work with community financial centers was launched seven years ago. That was us being intentional, responding to the housing market collapse. We know that we can no longer just invest in the physical landscape, but how are we investing in people? We are reinvesting in them by providing high-quality financial coaching services that provide opportunities for people to move up and out of poverty — for them to attain financial stability and build assets.

How does our platform support your mission?​

We are leveraging Change Machine’s platform as a resource for not only delivering direct service, but also learning as practitioners and transferring that knowledge.

There are so many great nuggets of information on the platform. The toolkits have been a great lifeline to our team — and as a practitioner, delivering the service. To go into the platform and have that right at your hands is just phenomenal. It makes our job much easier and you feel better supported to have a network of practitioners, colleagues, and experts at your fingertips.

Why did you choose Change Machine’s platform?

Change Machine’s team built some of the platform customizations needed for our work with partners involved in workforce, small business, and entrepreneurship programs. The customizations are better aligned to how we work with our clients. It makes for a better coaching session. You’re doing your homework. We love it.

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