Data Driven SaaS FinTech

Untapped expertise, connectivity, and data

Change Machine’s platform transforms how nonprofit organizations support individuals as they navigate poverty and work to achieve their financial goals.

We Help Organizations Like You

  • Enhance Case Management Support Services
  • Integrate Financial Security/Mobility Efforts into Existing Service Models
  • Strategically Embed Financial Coaching Programming
  • Let Customer Data Narratives about improved outcomes inform org strategy and expand fundraising opportunities
  • Amplify Impact and Contribute to Economic Change

The Change Machine Platform

At core, Change Machine’s platform is a practitioner-facing, subscription-based software as a service (SaaS). It offers a range of customizable features to meet the unique needs of organizations, agencies, and programs to address the specific financial barriers that customers navigate.

Come for our Gold-standard, RCT-vetted “best practices” — both tools and strategies for coaching and outcomes — and stay for the Community of Practice:  A rich, complex network of social service providers/practitioners with untapped expertise, connectivity, and data.

  • Standardized Tools and Training – Ever changing financial, legal, regulatory and customer data can be tricky to navigate. Change Machine streamlines everything you need in one place.
  • Program Implementation Guidance – Clunky case management systems and delayed data entry from paper files create gaps in feedback loops and reporting, we help with ongoing program guidance.
  • Meaningful Professional Network – Absence of professional connections and few opportunities to dialogue can create limited collaboration around what works. Our Community of Practice amplifies your work and builds collective impact.

Designed For

Whether you are an experienced financial coach or just beginning to provide financial coaching as part of your work, our platform can assist you to build your skills, track customer progress, and evaluate the impact of your programs and services. As an organization, we’ll help you measure staff performance and strategically embed financial security into your own theory of change and business model.


Online Community of Practice for Peer-Based Learning and Support

Change machine customer viewing the SHARE app screen on desktop computer

  • Social collaboration tool with thousands of nonprofit practitioners sharing best practices within our community discussion forums
  • Tools, Tips, Events, Resources and Best Practices to support your financial coaching activities and help you scale effective strategies
  • Community success trainings on emergent financial security topics and coaching competencies
  • Recommendation Engine that recommends fintech products based on customers’ unique financial situation and goals
  • Amplify collective impact

Come for the Tools Stay For The Network


Self-paced and live community training to upskill practitioners

Change Machine LEARN app screen

  • Build financial content knowledge and coaching skills
  • Implement processes to better manage financial coaching programs
  • Self-paced training modules to build financial coaching knowledge, practical skills, and confidence
  • Field-tested financial security curriculum
  • Toolbox with more than 150 customer-facing tools and tipsheets, available in English and Spanish
  • Office hours to support embedding of financial security strategies and respond to frequently asked questions

Financial Coaching at Your Fingertips


Customer relationship management (CRM) software that integrates with Salesforce

Change Machine Coach screenshot showing Assets/Debts screens and outcomes.

  • Comprehensive Data Management, Reports and dashboards
  • Track customers’ financial goals, action plans, & financial outcomes
  • Access pre-built reports & dashboards, customize or build your own
  • Integrate with existing data and easily monitor over time
  • Track outcomes in financial capability and show your impact
  • Action plans and interactive tools such as calculators and automatic balance sheets
  • Technical and content skills training

Programmatic Impact Accelerator

By empowering social service practitioners with tools, training, resources, and a robust community of practice, nonprofits around the globe are successfully integrating financial security and mobility work to their existing service models.

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What People Are Saying


Oliver Contreras
A Program Manager in the Financial Coaching space


I’ve never seen a program like this before, it could be hard to top”

Julissa Aldaraca
Frontline Staff Member in the Housing & Youth Services sector


The product is ready to use”

Jeanette Sandoval
Senior Leader in the Financial Coaching space


Easy to use, Robust, Budget Friendly”

Brittany Robinson
A Program Manager in the Workforce sector


I haven’t worked with any other organization that offers these programs”

Benjamin Sanchez
A Program Manager in the Housing & Youth Services sector


State of the art, intuitive, well-designed, comprehensive”

Virginia Lord
Frontline Staff Member in the Workforce Development space


Our coaches love the training videos and functionality features like being able to send quick appointment reminders and stay in touch with clients via Twilio”

Sonia Garrison


We really like the quick hitter FAQs and PDF worksheets, really strong and useful”

Brian S. Lyght
Center for Urban Families