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Transforming how practitioners service individuals as they navigate poverty and work to achieve their financial goals.

We work with corporations, grant makers, and intermediary organizations to distribute access to our platform, training and organizational development services to nonprofit practitioners in their networks. We build tools and resources that organizations and individual coaches use to significantly improve the quality of their coaching programs and services. Our success allows these entities to provide tools and frameworks to deliver effective financial coaching to their networks without needing to build and support these tools entirely on their own.

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Building Programmatic Impact and Enhancing Case Management

Custom trainings help organizations embed financial coaching practices, including coaching and financial content training for practitioners, development and sustainability training for managers, and train-the-trainer curricula. We also avail our team of virtual financial coaches to supplement your core programming. By referring your customers to Change Machine for intensive financial coaching, you can simultaneously build your programmatic capacity and accelerate customer-level outcomes.

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Creating a Powerful Network and Accelerating Outcomes with Data Driven SaaS FinTech

Our platform is a scalable solution for all social service organizations and public agencies to embed effective financial coaching practices into their work. Its main features include:

  • Social collaboration tools to connect with colleagues and fellow users
  • Learning management to build and retain financial coaching knowledge
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) to track customer progress
  • Recommendation engine of FinTech products and services

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Cy Pres Awards

Change Machine welcomes cy pres awards to support our work to build financial security for low-income individuals and families. Cy pres awards distribute unclaimed settlement funds from class action lawsuits to organizations that serve underlying class members. For more information or to assess whether Change Machine is appropriate for cy pres, please contact Anna Romagnoli.