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About Partnering with Change Machine

Financial education and empowerment have been a gap in our community for a long time. With the Change Machine technology, we can help our clients figure out the best way to get money to support their education or start a business. We can show how long it will take to pay off loans based on what they expect to make and talk through all of the factors that could help or hurt them financially, ultimately we can now give folks a sense of ownership in managing their financial lives, setting goals, and planning for the future.”

Jared Schapiro
Workforce Snohomish, Everett, WA


Change Machine’s online community opens up a dialogue around financial coaching conversations and makes it relevant to all aspects of workforce development – no matter the role one practitioner may play within an organization. It empowers both our team and our participants, supporting universal skill sharing among colleagues and accelerating positive health outcomes within our communities. It’s helped me become more relatable as a financial coach and build communication skills to avoid any undertone of judgment. The SHARE community is a place where we can all go as direct service providers to openly ask questions, bounce ideas off of each other, learn from our peers, and become more effective and productive coaches.”

Stephanie Gaines
Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency, Georgia


We now have an immense amount of tools and resources at our fingertips and our team utilizes the platform to track financial data for customers. More than that though, the reason we chose to work with them is that they’re deeply focused on developing people as coaches. Their goal is clearly to help you practice, tap into peer-learning, and continue your education – rather than giving you a “one and done” model that can only take you so far.”

Logan Jones
Worklife Partnership, Colorado


This content on banking really opened up my eyes to how important it is to be sure people understand all of the ways to manage a bank account, the trouble they can get into and the fees they can incur.”

Brian Johnson
Community Action Marin, California


As Per Scholas has grown over the years, Change Machine has supported us to incorporate and standardize financial strategies across our sites. Financial coaching is now a permanent fixture of our service delivery model and a critical element in our work.”

Caitlyn Brazill
Per Scholas, New York



About the Platform


Oliver Contreras
A Program Manager in the Financial Coaching space


I’ve never seen a program like this before, it could be hard to top”

Julissa Aldaraca
Frontline Staff Member in the Housing & Youth Services sector


The product is ready to use”

Jeanette Sandoval
Senior Leader in the Financial Coaching space


Easy to use, Robust, Budget Friendly”

Brittany Robinson
A Program Manager in the Workforce sector


I haven’t worked with any other organization that offers these programs”

Benjamin Sanchez
A Program Manager in the Housing & Youth Services sector


State of the art, intuitive, well-designed, comprehensive”

Virginia Lord
Frontline Staff Member in the Workforce Development space


Our coaches love the training videos and functionality features like being able to send quick appointment reminders and stay in touch with clients via Twilio”

Sonia Garrison


We really like the quick hitter FAQs and PDF worksheets, really strong and useful”

Brian S. Lyght
Center for Urban Families


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