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A tried and true model for financial coaching, tailored to you and your organization’s goals.

Custom Trainings and Partner Growth. Outsourced Programming. Organizational Development.

Change Machine’s partner growth framework is a field-tested approach to building the organizational infrastructure and staff skills necessary for effective financial coaching, provided as a standalone service or as an embedded part of existing services, from job training to housing counseling and everything in between.

  • FINANCIAL COACHING TRAINING Frontline staff build financial knowledge and hone their coaching skills
  • ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Leaders set goals and connect financial security to their mission
  • IMPLEMENTATION SUPPORT Staff at all levels test their solutions and enhance their approach

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About Change Machine’s Partner Growth Services

Change Machine’s partner growth approach allows nonprofit organizations to identify key financial barriers and financial opportunities that their clients encounter while receiving their services, while assessing their capacity to assist clients through financial coaching. Partners design tailored approaches to financial coaching that their staff can implement as standalone services or as an embedded part of service delivery for their existing programs.

Senior leaders and program managers work through facilitated workshops offered privately or in a cohort setting with peer organizations, allowing them to assess needs, build an organizational action plan, launch targeted financial coaching actions with direct service staff, and refine their approach over time.

Direct serve staff receive financial coaching training to build the financial knowledge, coaching skills, and confidence they need to deliver effective financial coaching for their clients.

All staff have access to implementation support calls, designed to offer tailored support and solutions that are specific to the needs of an individual organization.

Why work with Change Machine?

We are experts in financial coaching.  As practitioners, we know that financial coaching — grounded in honoring customers as subject matter experts in their own lives — is a proven strategy to illuminate the path to financial security. Since 2005, our financial coaching model has reached more than 104,035 people and returned nearly $72 million in cash value to clients served.

Our practitioner tools accelerate the scale and pace at which nonprofits drive financial security. As product developers, we’ve harnessed the expertise of thousands of nonprofit practitioners from across the U.S. to disseminate field best practices on our platform. Whether you are an experienced financial coach or just beginning to provide financial coaching as part of your work, our platform can assist you to build your skills, track customer progress, and evaluate the impact of your programs and services.

We are data-driven leaders. Our CRM is the only available data management system built to support an RCT-tested financial coaching outcomes framework, with quantifiable financial outcomes and measures of behavior change and goal achievement. We’ve also incorporated the field’s best data tools all in one platform, from the CFPB’s Financial Well-Being Scale to Twilio’s text message integration, and more.

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