Nonprofits Launch Tools to Build Financial Security

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Data-driven trainings and reports announced for social service organizations
to build an equitable economy for millions in the U.S.

New York, NY, December 18 – With a new administration getting sworn in on January 20th, more than 600 nonprofit organizations will benefit from a grassroots advocacy training to build financial security for millions of American residents – jointly delivered by Change Machine and the New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals (NYATEP).

Change Machine and NYATEP will co-produce an advocacy curriculum, offer hands-on trainings, and create data-driven evaluation tools for practitioners at more than 600 nonprofit organizations to amplify calls for policy change to build an equitable economy, with a focus on Black and Brown communities navigating financial insecurity. 

Formerly The Financial Clinic, Change Machine is on a mission to build financial security through people-powered technology. One of the ways the organization executes its mission is through its financial coaching fintech platform, available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Organizations serving low-income families, job seekers, students, and more across 46 states have used this platform to build their financial coaching practice, connect with each other, and amplify their national impact. 

“Through our partnership with NYATEP, Change Machine is reiterating its commitment to technology for an equitable economy,” said Founder and CEO Mae Watson Grote. 

“Our fintech platform is amplifying the ingenuity of customers and the thought leadership of practitioners on the ground. It is an engine to build financially-thriving communities across the country,” Mae added. “With NYATEP, we will leverage our platform’s data and evaluation tools to mobilize our growing community of practice and advance nationwide advocacy to build an equitable economy where Black and Brown communities thrive.”

“Change Machine is modernizing the landscape of economic mobility across the US,” said Melinda Mack, NYATEP’s Executive Director. “Empowering systems change requires a deep understanding of the system and a hands-on approach to legislative activism. NYATEP is proud to share our decades of expertise leading state and national advocacy efforts and coalition building to this worthy initiative.”

Nonprofit organizations interested in the platform’s advocacy trainings and the data-driven tools are encouraged to sign up for Change Machine’s community forum and Tech For Equity Updates – a bimonthly newsletter for social service practitioners such as case managers, program coordinators, advocates, and financial coaches.

Founded in 2005, Change Machine builds financial security for low-income communities through people-powered technology. Our products champion the aspirations of those most economically disadvantaged, as well as the expertise of financial coaches and customers, to transform how social service organizations and public agencies work with people to achieve their goals. Over 6,000 practitioners have used our platform to amplify their impact, including putting $45 million in the pockets of their customers. Together, we’re creating an equitable economy in which we all thrive. Learn more at and on Twitter @ChangeMachineUS

The New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals (NYATEP) provides leadership, vision, and advocacy for a thriving workforce development network across New York State. As the State’s workforce association, NYATEP members represent all facets of the workforce community including the State’s 33 local workforce development boards, the State and City community college systems, literacy providers, community-based organizations, local governments, labor unions, economic development agencies, and career and technical education providers, among others. Collectively, NYATEP’s membership impacts the lives of millions of New Yorkers and thousands of businesses across New York State. Learn more at  

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