Leveraging Fintech to Make Public Benefits More Accessible

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Thanks to the generous support of The New York Community Trust, Change Machine combined research and data from customer stories to generate our report, Can Fintech Resolve Public Benefit Obstacles? This report discusses how equity-minded fintechs can make government benefits more accessible for Black and Latinx women with low-to-moderate incomes.

Two of Change Machine’s top recommendations include:

  • benefits should leverage technology to fill the digital divide and overcome roadblocks to expand accessibility for marginalized communities
  • while integrating fintech into the benefits system, an equitable design is crucial to truly expand accessibility and minimize potential vulnerabilities

If you’d like to learn more about our five recommendations, read the full report!

With The New York Community Trust’s continued support, we will:

  • continue to build a network of practitioners, organizations, and individuals who receive government benefits to advocate for using equitable fintech to expand access to essential public benefits, especially for Black and Latinx households
  • meet with New York City and New York state elected officials to bring these issues to the legislative forefront

If you are interested in joining our network to advocate for the use of fintech to increase access to public benefits, please contact our Manager of Data and Policy, Emma Cordova.

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