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Join the Kaiser Permanente Explore Community on Our Platform!

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Change Machine is excited to partner with Kaiser Permanente to incorporate financial well-being as one of the key determinants of health by launching the Change Machine + Kaiser Permanente Financial Health Initiative.

You’re invited to join Kaiser Permanente Explore, which combines elements from SHARE as well as dives into four primary components: financial education, financial coaching, cultural awareness and humility, and self-care.

We spoke with Change Maker Caazena Hunter to learn what differentiates Kaiser Permanente Explore, as well as how practitioners can benefit from participating in it.

What is the ideal nonprofit or practitioner to join Kaiser Permanente Explore?

If you’re interested in learning about financial education, financial coaching, self-care opportunities, connecting with other nonprofits, and learning more about cultural awareness and humility to take back to your organization, then you’re the ideal nonprofit for us. If you are interested in sharing some of your ideas, you’re the ideal nonprofit. We take people wherever they are in the learning trajectory and all of our programming is easily accessible.

At this time, this partnership includes practitioners based in California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Oregon, Virginia, and Washington. If you don’t reside in these regions, you can still take advantage of SHARE.

What’s the difference between SHARE and Kaiser Permanente Explore?

SHARE is our social collaboration component to build a virtual community of financial practitioners and community leaders. Any SHARE user can ask questions and contribute to community discussion forums on navigating financial security issues with practitioners nationwide.

SHARE boasts a larger community focused on a wide range of financial coaching topics. In contrast, Kaiser Permanente Explore has a smaller community and users have access to resources unique to this partnership.

Kaiser Permanente Explore also offers live, virtual monthly events. We will host region-based coffees for casual conversations. Currently we have a gender-based violence presentation in July, a workforce development presentation in August, and a webinar on investing in September.

We have our community agreements where we make room for people that are usually more shy and we encourage people to speak up when they’re comfortable. And if you’re a person who takes up a lot of space, we invite you to make room for other people.

If you’d like to join Kaiser Permanente Explore, please fill out our application form. If you want to learn more, please reach out to our Partnerships team!



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