Introducing Change Machine + Kaiser Permanente Financial Health Initiative - Change Machine

Introducing Change Machine + Kaiser Permanente Financial Health Initiative

Change Machine + Kaiser Permanente

Building financial security in communities served by Kaiser Permanente.

Join Kaiser Permanente’s Explore Initiative

Change Machine + Kaiser Permanente have partnered to support nearly 200 nonprofits to accelerate their missions and drive impact through financial coaching.


Providers across all sectors are exploring new ways to invest in financial coaching for their communities.


Financial coaching providers are enhancing their work with training, professional development, and outcomes reporting.


Workforce and housing providers are embedding financial coaching within their core services.

It’s not too late to get involved and join the initiative as an EXPLORE Partner!

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Financial Education – Financial Coaching – Cultural Awareness & Humility – Self-Care

Participating organizations who qualify as EXPLORE partners will join a virtual community connecting practitioners across Kaiser Permanente’s key target markets.

What you get

Live virtual monthly events and trainings
Downloadable financial coaching tools
Cultural awareness + humility training
Connection to other nonprofits
Self-care opportunities


Nonprofits in workforce development, housing, diversity and equity, small business development, financial coaching and counseling, re-entry, advocacy, education, youth services, and more are welcome to apply.

Location Requirements

At this time we’d like to invite practitioners from California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Oregon, Virginia, & Washington to join us. If that’s you, fill out the application below—we can’t wait to welcome you to the program.

Located in another state?
You still qualify to join our broader community of practice on SHARE. Use the link below to schedule a complimentary partner call with our team to learn how we can support you to facilitate faster, better and more affordable outcomes for your organization.

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The biggest value-adds for us has been having the accountability of the financial health initiative. We’ve been wanting to do this work for some time and now we have the grant, the timeline, and outcomes. This has been extremely helpful in moving the work forward”
Jared Schapiro
Assistant Director of Professional Services
Workforce Snohomish in Everett, WA
It’s delightful to learn from practitioners across the country and now we can take these learnings back to our communities. Our training opened up conversations among our colleagues on how we can make topics on financial security more relatable and non-judgemental when we engage with our customers.”
Stephanie Gaines
Financial Empowerment Services Coordinator
The Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency

Change Machine + Kaiser Permanente Financial Health Initiative will build on Change Machine’s work in setting the standard for inclusive financial coaching. More than 8,000 practitioners serving families, job seekers, students, and more across 45 states have used Change Machine’s platform to build their financial coaching practice, connect with each other, and amplify their national impact.

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