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Introducing Challenge Coaching Protocols

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We recently launched Challenge Coaching Protocols — a feature created to help practitioners and customers navigate financial shocks brought on by COVID-19. These Protocols are part of financial coaching engagement catering to our customers’ specific needs.

Based on feedback from our community of practice, the Protocols are designed to address some of the most common setbacks facing customers, including food insecurity, need for childcare, utility emergency, reduced income, household composition change, medical debt, and benefits cliff challenges. These are occurrences that can throw even the most determined individuals off track and send a coaching session into a tailspin to find accessible resources.

Within each protocol, practitioners can access and inform step-by-step guidance based on customers’ needs. For example, when serving a customer who is coping with insufficient childcare, a practitioner can use and adapt our Childcare Protocol, which includes a sequenced set of action steps, product recommendations, and other relevant resources. This sequence is then incorporated into the customer action plan.

This feature demonstrates how Change Machine listens to feedback from the community of practice to refine the platform!

Contact if you’d like to learn more about our Challenge Coaching Protocols feature!

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