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Implementation Support

Our team is here to support you and offers the following ongoing support:

Chat-based technical support:
  • Accessing and troubleshooting SHARE and LEARN
  • Setting up single sign-on across SHARE, LEARN, and COACH
  • Understanding the data architecture of the Change Machine Salesforce app
  • Suggesting report types and providing guidance for basic reports and dashboards in the Change Machine Salesforce app
  • Utilizing features of the Change Machine Salesforce app

The Change Machine Help Center provides support-focused articles to enable use of our SHARE, LEARN, and COACH products.

Recorded training available to all users:
  • LEARN and SHARE onboarding focused on maximizing the benefits of self-paced courses, customer-facing financial coaching tools, and engaging in the online community of practice
  • COACH onboarding for frontline staff and financial coaches focused on data entry and use of custom features in the Change Machine Salesforce app
  • Salesforce reporting for program managers focused on standard reports available with the Change Machine Salesforce app
  • Salesforce customization for program managers focused on creating, editing, and understanding the use of custom financial coaching actions and financial coaching trails in the Change Machine Salesforce app
Salesforce Administrator / Consultant Support

The following activities are related to your use of Salesforce and are not included in Change Machine’s technical support. We recommend that you invest in Salesforce Admin training for an internal staff member to support the tasks below or that you work with a Salesforce consultant to execute these tasks. Salesforce provides a list of consultants who specialize in working with nonprofits, as well as lists of consulting companies that are Black-owned, Latinx-owned, AAPI-owned, and women-owned.

  • Removing duplicates and building a process to prevent duplicates
  • Understanding the use and implementation of existing standard objects (e,g. contact, accounts, leads)
  • Understanding the use and implementation of custom objects, fields and/or formulas
  • Reviewing applications that can integrate into Salesforce (e.g. add ons, extensions)
  • Reporting on other applications/extensions
  • Updating information collected in Salesforce en masse using the Data Loader tool
  • Building out new components that link to Change Machine (e.g. surveys, workshops)
  • Understanding and updating the various settings and permissions available for user accounts in Salesforce (e.g. permissions, profiles, Salesforce settings, sharing rules)
  • Using advanced Salesforce data management tools, including customizing and editing reports and dashboards
  • Managing and customizing features within the Change Machine App
  • Creating custom fields to summarize data points over time within the Change Machine App
  • Migrating and transferring data from one database to another
Add-On Services Available

Implementation Support and Program Services

  • Organizational Assessment and Benchmarking
  • Customer Flow and Coaching Actions Mapping
  • Organizational Development for leadership
  • CORE Training for frontline staff
  • Advanced Financial Coaching Training
  • Specialty Training for frontline staff or coaches
  • Implementation Support sessions to support ongoing implementation for frontline staff, coaches or leadership
  • Change Machine Salesforce App Set-up
  • Data Services Hours for Custom Fields and Reports

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