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Steve RoysterMeet Steve Royster, Head of Marketing at MoCaFi! MoCaFi is an African-American-owned fintech company that provides banking, credit building, and wealth coaching for United States residents navigating financial security. MoCaFi is one of the  two dozen fintech products on Change Machine’s recommendation engine, which connects practitioners with vetted, right-time, right-place products and services to suggest to their customers.

How is MoCaFi unique? 

In addition to offering a high quality banking and credit product, MoCaFi strives to have a relationship with its customers that isn’t simply transactional. MoCaFi wants to be an advocate for the people, networks, and communities it serves, and believes that relationship building is key to that.

How is MoCaFi aligned with Change Machine’s work? 

MoCaFi works to achieve financial mobility for underserved communities, with a belief that social justice cannot be achieved without economic justice. It is important to recognize that a segment of the population is cut off from mainstream financial products due to systemic racism and a lack of generational wealth. Change Machine is directly aligned with this, as the recommendation engine provides financial products to these groups.

Why join the recommendation engine?

MoCaFi wants to be a trusted partner for anyone who wants to build credit and become financially mobile, so being part of the recommendation engine will allow us to achieve that by both vetting our product and giving it further recognition. Being part of the recommendation engine will also create a circle of connectivity, as MoCaFi strives to build partnerships and referral systems that will serve people in becoming financially mobile.

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