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As part of Change Machine’s commitment to promoting Black-led fintech products on our platform, we interviewed Frank Pollock, Home Lending Pal’s Chief Marketing Officer. Home Lending Pal is a consumer-centric mortgage research and education platform that matches first time homebuyers with lenders that specialize in their financial scenarios.

The fintech’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine helps forecast the likelihood of approval and future interest rates based on the consumer’s credit score and verifiable income and assets.
How is Ho​​​​​me Lending Pal helping homebuyers?

“While Home Lending Pal has a broad base of consumers, our target market is first-time millennial homebuyers. Through the power of AI, Home Lending Pal forecasts your likelihood of approval, the time it will take to get approved, and your future interest rate. As a result, consumers are fully prepared to walk into a conversation with a mortgage lender and negotiate the best deal possible. This level of transparency democratizes the process of buying a home.”

Why join Change Machine?

“Home Lending Pal wants to be a trusted advisor in the fintech space, so it’s helpful to partner with a nonprofit like Change Machine that will hold us to high standards as part of its commitment to building financial security for low-income communities. The recommendation engine is an example of AI being used for the greater good — helping consumers improve their financial situation.

As a fintech working in the financial services space, it is important to uphold ethical obligations. It’s great to have a third-party verifier like Change Machine, whose Seal of Inclusivity ensures that platform users know that we have the consumer’s best interest in mind.”

Learn more about the Seal of Inclusivity, which identifies and monitors financial products that enhance service delivery or improve customer progress towards financial goals.

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