What terminology is used on Change Machine? #

We use the term "Coach" to describe Change Machine users and "Customer" to describe the individuals that they serve. You may use terminology such as "practitioner" or "counselor" to describe your team members and "client" or "participant" to describe the individuals you serve. Don't worry. Change Machine is built for all of us!

What is a Change Machine subscription? #

A subscription gives the user a license to log into the Change Machine platform. There are two primary license types: (1) A Coach License, best for front line staff who work day to day with customers. (2) A Manager License, best for program management staff and funders who need access to account administration and reporting. There is also a Community License with access to the SHARE community.

Is pricing by user or customers entered? #

Change Machine subscribers pay per user. Those users can work with an unlimited number of customers.

Is there a discount for yearly payment? #

Yes. Subscribers who pay annually receive one month free on all subscriptions.

Is there technical support? #

Yes. Friendly technical support is integrated into the platform and is available on-demand from Monday-Friday, 9am - 6pm ET, except for major holidays. We read and respond to every message, which is usually within one hour.

How do I sign up? #

You start with a free trial. Check out Change Machine free for 30 days. From your trial account you can request a proposal when you decide Change Machine is right for you.

Where does the content on Change Machine come from? #

The content in LEARN and the tipsheets are Change Machine's longest standing area! The financial coaching strategies on Change Machine have been rigorously tested, showing significant evidence of impact. It has been implemented in the field and refined over a decade of experience on the front lines. Furthermore, the lesson content has undergone several academic peer review processes from the Center for Financial Security and we have dedicated staff to update and maintain the content over time.

Who answers the questions posted in the Change Machine Community? #

The Change Machine Community leverages the knowledge of hundreds of experienced practitioners around the country to answer questions related to financial security. In addition, there are also dedicated staff on the Clinic's team to moderate the community and highlight content provided by our strategic partner subject matter experts (CBA, Prepare + Prosper, Center for Economic Progress, and Queens Legal Services).

How does a customer's financial information get into Change Machine? #

The financial data in Change Machine is entered by the coach user. Most coaches encourage customers to bring bank statements and other documentation to their coaching sessions. Also, many coaches pull credit reports from the Credit Rating Agencies (CRAs) and use that reported information to create a debt snapshot.

How do customer's access their information in Change Machine? #

Customers do not have a direct access to Change Machine. The coach and customer can use Change Machine side by side during a coaching session. A customer's action plan and financial information can then be printed or emailed straight from Change Machine. The platform also has over 100 coaching tools (tipsheets and worksheets) that are designed to be distributed to customers.

Does Change Machine work with my existing database? #

There are a variety of integration options depending on technology, data model and ongoing requirements. These include simple one-time data import of historical program information to ongoing communication between systems. We explore these opportunities on a case by case basis, so please contact us for more information.

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