WTFintech Wednesday: Banking Inclusion Initiative

Wednesday, September 20

2:00 PM ET | 11:00 AM PT

Fintechs are companies that use technology to create financial products or provide services to consumers. What The Fintech (WTF) Wednesdays provide a space to learn about fintech, meet fintech leaders, explore products/services, and ask questions without judgment. WTFintech Wednesdays are spaces for you!


This month we will be reviewing the findings from the Banking Inclusion Initiative project conducted with our fintech and financial coaching partners. The goal of the project is to lift up best practices of practitioners as it relates to building more accessible on-ramps to fintech with LMI customers, new Americans, and un- and underbanked households. Join us as we discuss how fintech can be a solution to those who are unbanked and how fintechs and nonprofits can work together to increase access to digital banking.

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