Office Hours: Reporting and Customizations - Change Machine

Office Hours: Reporting and Customizations

Office Hours: Reporting and Customizations

Tuesday, October 27

3:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM PT

This session supports program managers and Salesforce administrators as they use, customize, and create reports on the platform’s Salesforce app.

Office Hours

Have you attended our onboarding training and feel like you need some additional support? Maybe you just have one question and want to talk with, and see, a human being to feel fully supported? Our office hours provide an opportunity for practitioners, coaches, program managers, and Salesforce administrators to engage with our team and troubleshoot on a range of topics. Consult our Client Success Manager about coaching on the platform, or chat with our Product Managers for support with customizations and reporting. Whatever your unique user needs, Office Hours are the perfect opportunity to address them!

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