Everyday, financial coaches and front-line practitioners like you use a coaching approach that addresses both short-term crisis management and long-term goal setting-and everything in between-with your customers. An integral part of this approach includes connecting your customers to resources, though we know it isn’t always easy to find and suggest great products. The Marketplace will help you connect your customers to high-quality inclusive financial products and services that will accelerate their financial security outcomes and goal achievement.

This is particularly important right now, as we all reckon with the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Marketplace Relief includes vetted products, tools and training material to help you support your customers as they weather the economic fallout of the pandemic.

In this training, we'll talk about the benefits of fintech, but also some key things to know, explore the Marketplace and how it can help you support customers, share how products in the Marketplace are chosen and vetted through our Seal of Inclusivity, as well as explore coaching approaches for using the Marketplace.

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