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Ins and Outs of Fintech

Wednesday, July 7

3:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM PT

Join us for this community training that will cover the ins and outs of the fintech landscape and how practitioners can incorporate fintech products and services into their financial coaching programs to equip customers with the tools they can use to reach their financial goals.

Fintech has seen explosive growth in the last 15 years and the advancement of technology opens the door for innovative solutions to increase access to the tools and resources customers need to build their financial security. But, even with the rapid growth of fintech, companies often exclude low-income individuals and families, particularly Black and Brown Women, as a customer base. Privacy and data sharing agreements that are difficult to understand, a sudden increase in predatory actors, and a widening digital divide leave these communities, at best, without options for high-quality financial products and, at worst, less financially secure. As nonprofits work to mitigate financial insecurity, these households will need access to tools and resources immediately, including opportunities to receive and manage financial assistance.

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