Convening For Change — Engaging with Fintech to Build an Equitable Economy

Tuesday, November 16

2:00 PM ET | 11:00 AM PT

Financial products and services powered by technology — also known as “fintech” — are here to stay. But to what extent does fintech accelerate, impede, or complement our work with communities? And what would it look like for our field to engage with fintech in a concerted way?

At Change Machine, we’re wielding technology to advance an equitable economy. This begins with a working understanding of the fintech marketplace and an ability to confidently navigate conversations about products and services with customers, many of whom are active fintech users. By collectively equipping them with the tools and resources to leverage fintech to achieve their financial goals, we can begin to amplify their stories and experiences to drive equity in the broader fintech industry — whether by influencing the design and delivery of products and services, government regulation, capital flows, and more.

Join us for a panel discussion with fellow practitioners and fintechs as we launch #TechForEquity with our community of practice.

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Convening for Change is a webinar series where practitioners, advocates, and field leaders come together to unpack and advance solutions to build an equitable economy for the Black and Brown communities we serve. Join us and be part of our community of practice!

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