Current Change Machine users are invited to join me for a brief overview of Change Machine's newest release! We'll highlight all of the new features and leave lots of time for you to ask questions about the updates.

Change Machine Release 2.6 Highlights: This release will deliver a new level of tech support features and improvements to COACH.

  • Enhanced User Support: Message directly back and forth with tech support staff; helpful pop-up messages when you need them.
  • Duplicate Customer Check: When adding customers to Change Machine, the system will automatically check to see if that name is already in the database.
  • Customer Number: Increased visibility of the customer number for internal and external communications while still keeping the name confidential. You can search your customer list by customer number.
  • Simplified Completed Actions: All you need to do is move an action to the done column for it to be considered completed.
  • "Baseline Zero" Debt: New button on the debt tracker lets you indicate that a customer does not have any debt. All of the worksheets have "baseline zero" buttons.

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