Community of Practice in Action (Libby Whiteside, Program Manager at Disability Rights Louisiana)

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​Meet Libby Whiteside, Program Manager at Disability Rights Louisiana

Disability Rights Louisiana protects and advocates for the human and legal rights of children, adults, and seniors living with disabilities. In her role, Libby works with customers who were formerly incarcerated. This past week, we got to chat with Libby about how Change Machine’s platform supports her work with customers. 

Embedding financial coaching into her daily work 

According to Libby, one of the most valuable aspects of the platform is the ability to brush up on financial coaching skills at any time so she has the answers her customers are looking for. “We are working with formerly incarcerated people with disabilities — often when we meet with people, they are in crisis mode and in need of case management, so it can take awhile to get to the financial coaching. It’s been great to have that continued capacity building support, so when those financial questions come up, we are ready to answer them.”

Building partnerships 

Libby found that an unexpected benefit of the platform is the ability to connect with other organizations doing similar work in her community. “I really enjoy seeing partners that I’ve seen in other contexts at the community training sessions. It helps me understand the extent to which partner organizations are providing financial coaching. Understanding their work helps me make referrals, too — if I can’t serve a specific person, maybe they can.” 

Making the platform work for you 

Libby appreciates the platform’s myriad capabilities, including data collection and analytics features. “In addition to capturing financial coaching outcomes, we’ve tracked other case management outcomes — things like having customers apply for transitional housing.” The ability to track financial coaching outcomes alongside custom mission-level outcomes is core to the platform’s mission to amplify the impact of public and social service organizations across the country.

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