Creating the Path to Financial Security

The action plan is the most powerful coaching tool. Coaches and customers work together to build a custom plan of actions on the road to financial security.

Coach with Impact and Quantifiable Results

Comprehensive Coaching Platform

  • Coaches can manage all aspects of their customer relationships from scheduling to action plans to interactive worksheets.
  • The Action Plan provides both suggested next steps as guidance for new coaches, and the flexibility for experienced coaches to chart their own path.
  • A calendar tracks all scheduled meetings and users can see the number of outcomes accomplished across all of their customers.

Customer Progress & Outcomes

  • Each customer has a dashboard where progress and achievement are rewarded.
  • Coaches can use the dashboard to show advancement and offer customer encouragement along the way.

Interactive Worksheets

  • Easily track core financial data for customers through interactive worksheets.
  • Data is copied from meeting to meeting, meaning coaches just need to update what has changed.
  • Integrated data collection leads to better outcomes for customers.

Coaching Handouts

  • Full library of over 90 clear, informative tipsheets for customers that are tied directly to action items.
  • Tipsheets are customized with each user’s contact information and can be branded with an organization’s logo.
  • Printable action plans include key information about a customer’s current situation to take home and make progress between meetings.

Special Access for Managers and Network Leaders

  • Change Machine provides activity, outcomes, and demographic reports for the whole organization.
  • Drill down to see individual customer level data and progress.

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