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Change Machine Convenes Fintech Leaders to Build Financial Security

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Two years ago, Change Machine launched the recommendation engine on our platform to promote fintech products and services that prioritize the financial security of Black and Brown women.

With the lack of marketplace standards from either the private or public sector, we launched the Seal of Inclusivity, a set of criteria for the rigorous vetting of fintech products in order to admit qualifying products to our recommendation engine. The Seal of Inclusivity is designed to ensure that fintech products and services actually build financial security for those who have the most to gain.

The implementation of our Seal of Inclusivity on our recommendation engine has demonstrated important lessons on how fintech leaders can meaningfully improve financial security, shedding light on what works for customers, which products are recommended, and which products are used most frequently.

To continue this #Tech4Equity discussion, Change Machine is excited to launch the fintech advisory group, comprising leaders from fintechs that have met the vetting standards of our Seal of Inclusivity. This group will convene to:

  • Identify fintech gaps and opportunities for expanding accessibility and inclusivity
  • Compile feedback directly from the practitioners and customers who regularly engage with fintech products and services
  • Dive into privacy policy and advocacy conversations

Thanks to our partners for joining our inaugural fintech advisory group: Bank DoraCapital Good FundCommunity Financial ResourcesEarlyBirdPrepare and ProsperFinHabitsFitfinFortúHome Lending PalKiddieKreditLet’s Get SetMoCaFiMyFreeTaxesProvidersSaverLifeSpenDebt, and Upsolve.

We will share a recap on these #Tech4Equity conversations in the coming weeks. In the meantime, visit our recommendation engine blog series to learn more about our fintech recommendation process.

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