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Centering Black and Brown Voices To Advance Financial Security

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Change Machine is launching the “Centering Black and Brown Voices” cohort, which will prioritize the lived experiences, expertise, and financial solutions crafted by Black and Brown individuals to work towards an equitable economy in which we all thrive.

We are inviting Black and Brown-led organizations across the country to join this virtual opportunity to enhance their financial coaching, small business support, and other wealth-building programs. Prospective nonprofits should have the desire to share their best solutions and lift up their challenges as part of a group-based approach to build leading nonprofit strategies, financial products, and financial policies that accelerate wealth building by Black and Brown organizations.

Change Machine will provide learning opportunities to build advanced financial coaching skills, peer-to-peer relationship building, and strategic planning and implementation support to accelerate current wealth-building programs.

Change Machine will select 25 organizations that reflect the communities they serve, both in their staff and senior leadership teams. Get involved today by completing our online interest form or by reaching out to our partnerships team with questions and suggestions.

This initiative is made possible through a grant from the Wells Fargo Foundation.

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