Empowering Financial Futures: Antelope Valley Partners for Health's Journey with Change Machine - Change Machine

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Empowering Financial Futures: Antelope Valley Partners for Health’s Journey with Change Machine


Discover the transformative journey of Antelope Valley Partners for Health (AVPH) with Change Machine in our case study, “Empowering Financial Futures.” Located in Lancaster, California, AVPH has been a cornerstone for community health and support since 2004, serving over 16,000 individuals with a wide range of services. Their mission to enhance health and quality of life in Antelope Valley led them to partner with Change Machine, aiming to weave financial security into their programs, starting with their workforce initiative for those at risk of homelessness.

This collaboration tackled initial challenges head-on, from overcoming the taboo of financial discussions to expanding financial coaching across the organization. Solutions included tailored financial security work, comprehensive staff training by Change Machine, and a demonstration of success in the workforce program that encouraged broader adoption.

The results were remarkable: improved job readiness and retention, significant achievements in financial goals for clients and staff, and expanded financial coaching services from 1 to 4 programs. AVPH’s partnership with Change Machine not only bolstered staff confidence and client outcomes but also underscored the intrinsic link between financial health and overall well-being. This case study exemplifies how financial empowerment can be a catalyst for positive change in community health services.

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