Every time I sit down to write about a new release I find myself saying, "This is our biggest release to date" and this one is no exception!

This release has new features in every section of the site, including this blog you're reading right now.

New homepage

As you likely already noticed we completely redesigned the homepage and other public areas of the site. We focused on making the information more digestible and approachable.

We also for the first time ever have the option for someone to sign up for share directly from the site, opening up the Change Machine community to new coaches and practitioners for the first time!

Lesson Plans in Learn

Building on the work we finished last fall releasing our first set of interactive quizzes, we added new Lesson groupings to make it easier to navigate through the content in learn and track your progress as you go.

Actions and Roadblocks within a milestone are now broken up and grouped into beginner and advanced areas. You will practice using tools in each section and can take quizzes along the way to make sure the lessons are sticking with you before moving on to more advanced topics. Our next release will also include a new lesson overview that will show your progress across all the available lessons on the site.

Learn Overview - Lesson introduction

Revamped Coach Tools

The biggest update in this release is a completely rebuilt set of coaching tools. We cleaned up a lot of rough edges on the Action Plan while also adding a number of new features including:

  • Search across all your customers
  • Updated customer debt tracking that allows you to track changes in your customers debts across meetings.
  • New automatic cash value calculations based on decreases debt balances and interest rates
  • Debt outcome and milestone notifications as your customers progress
  • Recommended starter actions for all new customers on their action plans
  • Automatic "follow-up actions" which add sugggested next steps "On deck" as you work through a milestone
  • New global calendar view showing you all your upcoming and past meetings

Creating New Meetings

New Coach Dashboard

Action Sequencing

Debt Baselining

Baselining Actions (debt)

Manager View & Reports

We've also started building out our "manager" functionality which will allow team managers to access reports and information for all of their coaches customers. Talk to Mario, Kate, or Becky, if you are interested in adding manager license to your account.


We hope your are as excited by the new tools as we are. Thanks again to everyone for all your feedback so far. We have lots more coming soon!

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