We're excited to kick off Change Machine's development in 2016 with Release 3.1!

We’ve been hard at work improving the core infrastructure that runs Change Machine. This sets up the platform to run more efficiently with even fewer bugs, while preparing ourselves for an exciting year of new development.

This new release will be available to all users on Monday, May 9, 2016.

While much of this work is on the backend, there are also a few new features on the frontend for all of you!

Change Machine 3.1 Highlights

  • SHARE Redesign: We're propelling ourselves to the future! Your SHARE experience has been reimagined with a beautiful, modern user interface, allowing you to ask questions and view discussions easier than before.
  • Mixed Access Levels: Organizations can now have users with various access levels on the same organizational account! While previously this was not possible, you can now have any combination of Basic, Community, Coach, and Manager access levels in a single organization.
  • Collaborate on Customers Across Organizations: Do you have partner organizations on Change Machine as well? Now, customers can be handed off from one organization to another to receive all the services that they need! The receiving organization will then have access to information that has already been entered, allowing them to immediately get the fullest picture of the customer.
  • Customer Management: For those with access to COACH, working with customers has never been easier. In this release, we've re-enabled the automatic duplicate customer check, restored the ability to delete customer records and made it easier to change the Primary Coach.

SHARE Redesign

We're excited to introduce the new coat of paint SHARE will be sporting!

The new SHARE layout makes posting questions and discussion topics easier than ever, while making navigational elements for Groups and Topics more prominent. Stay tuned as we work to bring the new SHARE redesign to you!

Mixed Access Levels

Change Machine access comes in different flavors, each providing you access to different platform areas. The available licenses include:

  • Community: access to SHARE
  • Basic: access to LEARN and SHARE
  • Coach: access to LEARN, COACH and SHARE
  • Manager: access to LEARN, COACH, SHARE and MANAGE

If your organization would benefit from a variety of Change Machine access levels — perhaps a non-coach staff member may benefit from learning financial security content through LEARN, for instance — contact your account manager or tech support!

Collaborate on Customers Across Organizations

With Release 3.1, you can now collaborate with other organizations who are also on Change Machine!

You will have access to a list of the partner organization's coaches to hand off the customers to, while continuing to track their progress and collaborate on the customer.

If you're interested to collaborate with your partners, contact your account manager to get started.

Are you also collaborating with an organization that isn't on Change Machine yet? Connect them with us!

Customer Management

Duplicate Customer Check

Do you and your coworkers work on different customers? With Release 3.1, the duplicate customer check feature will help to indicate if the customer has previously been entered to Change Machine!

Delete Customers

You may now delete customers who are simply your practice customers or have invalid data.

Note: as this has wide-ranging implications to your organization's reports, use this only if you really need to. If you have inactive customers, you may update their status to "Archived".

Change Primary Coach

Changing the Primary Coach of a customer is easier than ever. You may now update the Primary Coach directly from the customer dashboard by clicking on the dropdown list!

Enjoy 3.1!

We can't wait to show you what we have up our sleeves next in the coming releases in 2016.

If you have any questions or need support from us, simply use the Tech Support Question Mark on the bottom-right hand corner of Change Machine!

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