Hi there Change Machine Community!

After more than a year of development, Change Machine 3.0 is here! It will be available to all users on Monday, December 21, 2015.

Change Machine 3.0 Highlights

  • Manager Portal MANAGE: Formerly called the Manager Portal, the special area of Change Machine that supports managers and network users with program management and evaluation has been totally redone. Check out MANAGE with guided organization setup checklists, Manager Toolbox, and dedicated Data Portal.
  • LEARN Badges and Certificates: Your hard work on the quizzes in LEARN deserves to be recognized. Now, you can show off your new financial coaching knowledge with a printable certificate and an acknowledgement on your LinkedIn profile.
  • COACH Dashboard and Metrics: New charts and statistics provide coaches with insights into their caseload and performance. Reporting is no longer just for managers!
  • Customer Collaboration: Collaborating with your colleagues has never been smoother. Change Machine now makes it easy to see who is a customer's primary coach and who the customer met with at each meeting.


Change Machine's network and manager users now have MANAGE. Follow the getting started checklists to get your organization configured, draw program insights from the Data Portal, or take advantage of the Manager Toolbox.

Welcome to MANAGE

Organization Setup Checklists

The organization setup checklist will help you take advantage of Change Machine's account configuration options.

Setup Checklist

Dedicated Data Portal

Visit the Data Portal to measure and communicate specific metrics on the scale and impact of your programs. Access real-time data to speed up outcomes for your customers and improve results for your organization.

MANAGE Data Portal

New Account, Users, and Customer Management Interface

Use the Organizations, Contacts (Users), and Customers tabs to view and edit important account details. Review your access level, subscription end date, or number of licenses used.

Manager Toolbox

The Manager Toolbox contains tools to help programs embed financial security strategies into their services.

Manager Toolbox

LEARN Badges and Certificates

Completing all of the core lesson quizzes in LEARN will earn you the Core Content badge.  Print this certification or display it on your LinkedIn profile. Each specialty lesson that you complete will earn you an additional badge.

LEARN Core Content Certificate and Specialty Badges

COACH Dashboard

The new COACH dashboard helps coaches understand their caseload, the impact of their coaching, and will allow them to jump straight into their next meeting.

COACH Metrics Tab

The new Metrics tab in COACH puts program management and professional development into the hands of the coaches. Now you can monitor your own activity in real time!


This is our first major release of updates since Change Machine's public launch in October. Your feedback informed our direction. We look forward to continuing to hear your thoughts as we take Change Machine to new levels in 2016.

If you run into any issues or have any feedback, message us using the Support ? button in Change Machine.

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