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The newest Change Machine release introduces a customized landing page for all users and new levels of customer tracking in COACH. It will be available on Monday, September 7th, 2015.

Change Machine Release 2.8 Highlights

  • Landing Page: A single location to easily access all the important features of Change Machine. Browse important announcements, complete lessons in LEARN, ask a question in SHARE, or create a new customer profile in COACH, all from one place!
  • Meeting Notes: Enter high level session notes for each meeting on the Meetings Tab in COACH.
  • Track Customer Referrals: Does your organization have referral partners? Organizations can now customize your list of referral partners in the Manager Portal and track customer referrals using the Referrals Tab in COACH.
  • Financial Capability Scale Survey: Change Machine has long had the FCS survey integrated into COACH. Now you can manually add a survey during any customer meeting and receive automatic prompts for follow-up surveys every three months.
  • New Manager Tools - Customer Baseline Reports: Measure and communicate the scale and impact of your programs by tracking changes to key customer financial metrics (asset balances, income, banking costs, credit scores and debt) in the Manager Portal.

Change Machine Landing Page

The landing page provides easy access to all of Change Machine's functionality. It still highlights the latest activity from your SHARE feed while giving you direct access to working with customers, top tools, and LEARN lessons.

Click the Change Machine Logo in the page header at anytime to return to the Landing Page.

Change Machine Landing Page
  1. User Profile: Click the profile picture or name to access your user profile. Upload a profile picture if you don't have one and complete your profile information to introduce yourself to the Change Machine Community.
  2. SHARE Messages: Users can send private messages to other community members. Click the Messages link on the landing page to view your inbox and send new messages. When someone sends you a message, the messages link will highlight with the number of unread messages.
  3. SHARE Groups: Join groups to customize your SHARE feed. Click the Groups link to see a list of available groups or create your own.
  4. SHARE Topics: Follow topics to customize your SHARE feed. Topics are category tags on every post in SHARE. Find events, news, success stories, etc by following the related topic. Click the Topics link to see commonly used topics. When you follow a topic, its posts will appear in your feed.
  5. Announcements Widget: Keep an eye on the announcements widget for updates to LEARN content, upcoming events and trainings from the Change Machine Team.
  6. My SHARE Feed: You have a customized view of all of the activity on SHARE. You can also contribute to the community by posting questions, links, files, etc.
  7. Customers Widget: Search for an existing customer at your organization by name or add a new one.
  8. Top Tools Widget: Open one of the most widely used tipsheets and worksheets. Click the View all Tools link to see the 100+ tipsheets and worksheets in the Toolbox.
  9. My Badges Widget: As you complete LEARN quizzes, you earn badges in the appropriate financial security section. Click on the section name to see all of the lessons in that section.

Meeting Notes

COACH users can now enter session level notes on the Meetings Tab. A summary of meeting notes is visible in the detail pane on meetings to quickly review the customers history.

Add Meeting Notes

Track Outgoing Customer Referrals

A new Referrals Tab will appear in COACH for organizations that have configured their custom list of referral partners. Coaches can keep track of the outgoing referrals that they make for each customer with notes. Organizations can now report on the number of customers they are referring to specific referral partners over the time. Contact us to get your specific referral partners configured or add them on the Organization Tab in the Manager Portal.

COACH Referral Tab

Financial Capability Scale Survey

In partnership with the Center for Financial Security at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Change Machine has the Financial Capability Scale (FCS) integrated into the customer intake process. These six survey questions capture a holistic view of the customer's financial security and generate a score between zero and eight. Change Machine now allows users to add follow up FCS surveys to any meeting in order to measure the customer's progress over time. Change Machine will automatically prompt you after three months to enter a follow up survey.

Managers can report on score increases for your program's customers via the Financial Capability Scale Dashboard in the Manager Portal.

Click the Add Survey button on the Meetings Tab to get started.

Add Survey to Meeting

Customer Baseline Reports

"How much debt did my program help customer decrease in 2014? By what percentage?"

"What increase in savings balances did my customers have in the first 6 months of 2015?"

Answers to these questions have never been easier. Manager users now have a new tab in the Manager Portal for Baseline Reports. This reporting tool allows programs to easily track changes in key financial metrics over custom periods of time. The data includes the baseline value, the final value, the amount change, and percentage change.

  1. Select a Metric:
    • Asset Balances
    • Income
    • Banking Costs
    • Credit Score Changes
    • Credit Score Established
    • Total Debt
  2. Select a Baseline Period
  3. Select a Final Period
  4. Customize the Data
    • View Only Increases or Decreases
    • Summarize the Information by Coach, by Project, by Site, by Organization (for networks of programs)
  5. Export the data for further analysis
  6. Promote the impact your program is having to your staff, to funders, or on SHARE!
Baseline Reporting Tool - Debt

Thank You!

Keep the feedback coming!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new release. If you run into any issues or have any feedback, just message us using the Support ? button.

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