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We're excited to share Change Machine Release 2.6 with all of you. This release will deliver a new level of tech support features and improvements to the COACH section of Change Machine. This is the first release in a series of five releases leading up to Change Machine's public launch in October.

The new release is available to all users on Monday, June 8th, 2015. Please review the release details below to familiarize yourself with the improvements. Register Here for a virtual Q&A event on Thursday, June 11th at 3pm ET.

Release 2.6 Highlights

  • Enhanced User Support: Message directly back and forth with tech support staff; helpful pop-up messages when you need them.
  • Duplicate Customer Check: When adding customers to Change Machine, the system will automatically check to see if that name is already in the database.
  • Customer Number: Increased visibility of the customer number for internal and external communications while still keeping the name confidential. You can search your customer list by customer number.
  • Simplified Completed Actions: All you need to do is move an action to the done column for it to be considered completed.
  • "Baseline Zero" Debt: New button on the Debt Worksheet lets you indicate that a customer does not have any debt. All of the Worksheets have "baseline zero" buttons.
Tech Support Question Mark

Enhanced Technical Support

Change Machine Tech Support is now just a click away. We're here to help you use the platform. No matter where you are on Change Machine, use the new question mark button to send a message directly to Tech Support. We read and reply to every message, so feel free to reach out at anytime.

We've also built in helpful pop-up messages throughout Change Machine to provide additional instructions and training when you might need them.

Helpful Messages When You Need Them

Duplicate Customer Check

When entering a new customer in COACH, Change Machine now automatically checks to see if any customers with that name already exist in the system and notifies you of possible matches. If the customer does exist, just click on their name to continue working with them. If none of the matches fit the customer, simply click Ignore to continue the customer details form.

Duplicate customers are now a thing of the past!

Automatic Duplicate Customer Check

Customer Number

Last release, we introduced customer numbers in COACH as a confidential way to reference customers in internal and external communications. This release makes that easier by displaying the customer number in the customer lists. You can search for a specific customer by number. The customer number is also now visible below the customer name when working on a customer.

Manager users can use the Customer Number field as a unique identifier when exporting reports for further analysis.

Important Note: Every customer number has been reassigned to a simple six-digit number.

Search Customer List by Customer Number
Customer Number on Customer Page

Simplified Completed Actions

In COACH, use the Action Plan to customize a customer's action steps. When you complete an action, simply click and drag it over to the done column. There's no extra step to click the green check mark.

To keep your Action Plans clean, once an action is in the done column, it will not be copied to on any future meeting's Action Plans. A full record of all of the actions you completed with a customer is available on the Completed Actions tab. Click on the completed date to view the Action Plan for that meeting date. If you need to uncomplete an action, just click and drag it out of done column.

Manager users will see the done actions listed on the Completed Actions report in the Manager Portal.

Click and drag actions on the Action Plan
Click on the completed date to see that meeting's Action Plan

"Baseline Zero" Debt

The Debt Worksheet in COACH, organizes and calculates customers' total debt. Click the New Debt button to enter debt line items. If a customer is debt free, simply click the new "baseline zero" button to set Total Debt equal to zero.

Note: If a customer has debt records in the system, the baseline zero button will not appear.

Baseline zero buttons already appear on the Asset Balances, Income, Expenses, and Banking Worksheets. They provide an easy way to indicate that a customer's total savings, income, banking costs, etc are zero.

"Baseline Zero" Debt Button


We are continuously working to make Change Machine the best financial coaching platform that it can be. We couldn’t do it without all of your feedback.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new release in the Change Machine Community Group. Tag your comments with the topic "Release 2.6".

If you run into any issues, just message us using the new Tech Support question mark.

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