Hi there Change Machine Community!

After a few quiet months of smaller maintenance releases, we are happy to share Release 2.5 with all of you. This most recent round of improvements focused on the COACH section of Change Machine.

The new release is available to all users as of Monday, March 16th, 2015. Please review the release details below. We look forward to hearing your feedback in the Change Machine Community Group. Just tag your comments with the topic "Release 2.5".

Like what you see but don't have Enterprise access yet? Contact us today at [email protected] to discuss a subscription upgrade.

Release 2.5 Highlights

  • Customer Intake Wizard: Adding new customers to Change Machine has never been easier.
  • Tax Outcome: Tax season is fully underway and we've updated our tax outcome calculation.
  • Meeting Site Tracking: For programs that meet with customers across a variety of sites, Change Machine can now track where each meeting takes place.
  • Customer Number: A unique number for each customer allows us to reference customers in email on Tech Support while keeping their identities anonymous.
  • General Bug Fixes & Enhancements: There are more than a dozen bug fixes and enhancements throughout Change Machine based on user feedback. The biggest difference you will notice in the COACH section is that we consolidated all customers into a single tab. You can now filter to see only your customers or all customers at your organization.

New Customer Intake Wizard

After entering a customer's basic information, you now have several tabs available to complete the intake process. The assessment tab contains the important baselining questions and referral source tracking. The survey tab houses six survey questions to start the conversation about a customer's financial situation. Lastly, the taxes tab allows you to capture tax information at intake.

Simply use the Save and Continue button to advance to the next tab and walk through the intake process. Use the Save and Close button to exit the wizard and return to your list of customers.

If you choose the Save and Close option, you can revisit the assessment questions on the Customer Details tab along with other demographic information later. The survey questions can also be answered at any time by clicking the New Survey button on the Customer Details tab.

Tax Outcome

The tax outcome in Change Machine is awarded to customers who save a portion of their tax refund for a financial goal. Use the new Date Saved field on the Taxes worksheet to indicate the date that customers commit to saving a portion of their tax refund for their goal. Enter the dollar-amount of the refund and the amount the customer plans to save toward a goal. If the date the customer saves is after the first coaching meeting, the tax outcome is awarded!

Meeting Site Tracking

Organizations that serve customers across a variety of sites can create their own list of sites to segment customers for reporting purposes. Managers can set up this customized list in the Manager Portal. Now, if you meet with a customer across multiple sites, you can select different sites for each coaching meeting.

Contact us if you are not currently taking advantage of this customizable feature.

Customer Numbers in Tech Support

A new unique customer number is now assigned to every customer in Change Machine. You can find the customer number for a given customer on the Customer Details tab in COACH. Use this number when posting on Tech Support or internal communications to keep customers' identities private.

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