By popular demand from our users, Change Machine Release 3.3 makes the COACH platform area more accessible to Spanish-speaking customers.

This new release will be available to all users on Monday, July 25, 2016.

Change Machine 3.3 Highlights

  • Language Preference: You are now able to set a language preference between English or Spanish for each customer in COACH.
  • Spanish Action Plan: The Action Plan you know and love in COACH is now also available in Spanish! 
  • Spanish Dynamic Worksheet Printouts: Information that you enter into the COACH dynamic worksheets in the Goals, Assets, Banking, Credit, Debt, and Taxes tabs can now also be printed in Spanish! You may print these as a summary for your customer on what you've worked on together with them during a session.
  • Simplified Income Worksheet: On the Income dynamic worksheet, income sources are now reorganized into two major categories: Income and Income Supports. Similar to the existing Expenses dynamic worksheet, these sections are collapsible to focus on the income types you are working on. 

Language Preference

Does your customer prefer to speak in Spanish? If so, you can now navigate to the customer's Details tab and toggle from English to Spanish.

Doing so will switch the Action Plan and dynamic worksheet printouts to Spanish, as demonstrated below.

Spanish Action Plan

As the heart of the coaching relationship, the Action Plan is now available in Spanish for both you and your customer's convenience! Your Spanish-speaking customers can now benefit from seeing the Action Plan on your computer screen, or from the printed Action Plan.

Just like before, simply drag and drop the starter Action Tiles into the relevant columns for your customer (Next Check-In, Doing, or Done), or add new ones through the "Nueva acción" ("New Action") button.

Printing Action Plan, Tipsheets, and Worksheets

You may also choose to print both the Action Plan and related tipsheets or worksheets together by clicking Print on the top-right, followed by "Add Tipsheets" or "Add Worksheets." Tipsheets or worksheets that are printed out are based on what Action Tiles that are in the Doing column.

If your customer's language preference is in Spanish, tipsheets and worksheets that have been translated to Spanish will be printed in that language!

Spanish Dynamic Worksheet Printouts

New to this release is the Taxes dynamic worksheet printout!

In addition, data you enter for your customers in the dynamic worksheets for Goals, Assets, Banking, Credit, Debt, and Taxes can be printed out. These printouts serve as a summary of their current financial situation, or an updated summary of anything that might have happened since the last session.

Best of all, these are now available in Spanish!

Simplified Income Worksheet

The dynamic income worksheet has now been reorganized into two income sources: Income and Income Supports.

With this update, there are now two Baseline Zero buttons for each income category as well. Click on them to easily add a "0" baseline amount for every field in that particular category.

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