It's time for Change Machine release 3.2!

This release focuses on improving COACH and how you work with customers on Change Machine. These enhancements are available on Monday, June 13, 2016!

Change Machine 3.2 Highlights

  • Intake Enhancements: We've improved the intake interface when adding new customers to COACH, integrated demographics fields into the process, and made demographics fields customizable for your program! You can also now re-open the intake tabs from the Customer Details tab. Contact us to customize demographics for your program or opt out of demographics tracking. 
  • Action Plan Enhancements: From the Action Plan, you can now easily access relevant tipsheets and worksheets directly to support a specific coaching action. You can also conveniently jump to a dynamic worksheet tab from a relevant action tile (i.e. from Identify Goals on the Action Plan to the Goals worksheet to enter a new goal.)
  • Meetings Tab Enhancements: The Meetings tab is a record of all interactions with your customer. With the new release, you'll never forget to add a new meeting or activate an old meeting again! Helpful alerts have been implemented to guide you through the process.

Intake Enhancements

We've enhanced the initial intake process to help make your work easier! Enjoy the new question interface for 

1. Improved Interface: From the assessment questions to intake surveys, a new interface makes the intake process faster and more customer friendly.

2. Customer Demographics: Customer demographics are now integrated into the intake process. What's even better is that your program can customize the demographic fields that are important to them or opt out entirely. Contact us to configure this new feature for your program. 

3. Re-open Intake: You are now able to access the intake tabs at anytime. You can review a customers intake details or fill in any missing information. Simply click the open intake button on the Customer Details tab. 

Action Plan Enhancements

The Action Plan is the heart of the coaching relationship. Now you can easily jump from the action plan to any of the various supports on the platform to work on that action with your customer. Brush up on LEARN content, open a tipsheet or worksheet, or jump directly to the dynamic worksheet in COACH? We've got you covered.

1. Access related tools directly from the Action Tile. These are the most relevant tools from the toolbox to support your customer and you on working on this action. 

2. Depending on the Action Tile, you may navigate directly to the relevant dynamic COACH worksheet directly. (i.e From Pull Credit Score on the Action Plan you can jump directly to the Credit worksheet to enter the credit score.)

Meetings Tab Enhancements

To keep track of a customer's progress, adding a new meeting encounter is required to do this. If you find yourself inadvertently forget to add a new meeting when updating your customer's progress, don't fret!

1. If you haven't added a new meeting during a follow-up session with your customer, Change Machine will now prompt you to add a new meeting.

2. The new default view of a customer's profile page is now the Meetings tab.

Thank You!

We hope this release makes those of you working with customers in COACH more effective at supporting their financial security journey!

If you have any questions or need support from us, simply use the Tech Support Question Mark on the bottom-right hand corner of Change Machine.

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