Hey everyone,

We are excited to share our biggest release to date. There are lots of changes to go over so let's get right to it.

Chatter Communities

One of the biggest changes in this release is the new "chatter communities" feature. Under the Share menu you'll see the new option for chatter communities. This is at the heart of sharing on Change Machine and gives you a number of new abilities.

  • Upload a photo and include personal information to your profile
  • Comment or write on another user's profile
  • Start or join groups to get your own conversations going (we even started a special support group for you to ask your questions about Change Machine)
  • Read other conversations by browsing topics and keep tabs on special topics by "bookmarking" threads or "following" people

New Change Machine Blog

Also in Share, as you may have already noticed, we revamped and expanded the blog section of the site. Blog entries can now have pictures and even allow you to make comments where you can let us know what you think (and please do). You can also follow blog posts and get any future comments automatically in your feed in communities or directly into your inbox.

We have lots of ideas for this blog beyond just these release notes and we hope this can be a great place for you to learn the latest about the financial development field.

Commenting on Actions

Similar to the way you can comment and follow on blog posts you can now also comment directly on actions. Add your thoughts about how you work with your customers, ask questions, or just follow the action to stay up to date on all the latest conversations.

Learn Quizzes

We have also launched our first Interactive Learn Quiz. In these quizzes you can test your knowledge of the milestone or section and earn badges for successfully completing them. We have a roadmap for 26 of these quizzes, but we've started with just the first Goals Quiz which should be live on the site early next week!

Action Plan Updates

We've moved full steam ahead on the interactive Action Plan since we launched it about a month ago. We are excited about the latest update where you can keep track of your customers' Action Plans across meetings. In addition to the Action Plan progress, you also can update five key financial numbers "Total Debt", "Credit Score", "Total Savings", "Total Monthly Savings", and "Monthly Transaction Costs". This will allow you to keep track of changes to these numbers over time. We're still just scratching the surface of what we want to do with the Action Plans, but hopefully this gives you a clear idea of the direction we are heading!

New Customer Goals and Debt Tabs

In addition to the Action Plan, we also cleaned up all of the customer screens and added new goals and debt tabs. In these tabs you can keep track of all your customers' debt and goals, and even produce great looking charts providing a visual of the information.

We hope you enjoy testing out these new tools! Don't forget to post to chatter community to share how it is going or ask a question to support!

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