Hey everyone,

We recently pushed up another big release and we wanted to let you all know about the changes.

The Action Plan

We just launched our first major Coach feature, the Action Plan. The Action Plan is a place to keep track of your customers progress towards milestones and outcomes. You can add an action from any of the six sections to the "board" and it is even designed to let you add your own "custom actions" specific to your customer. Just drag and drop actions across the board to keep track of the status of each action all the way to completion.

Most importantly, you can print out the Action Plan you and your customer are working on in a session. The snapshot will capture all of the notes for the actions your currently "Doing", a summary of what's been accomplished that session, as well as what you're planning to discuss next time.

We have tons of ideas for the next version of the Action Plan to continue to improve it, but hopefully this gives you an idea of the ways that coaching can come to life through Change Machine.

Next Up

Next on our list is to start building out assessments to navigate the Learn section. Over time, each milestone will contain a lesson plan with a quiz to test your knowledge. Completing assessments will unlock new content and areas of the site.

We are also working on an update to the Share section that will facilitate a more interactive discussion.

Stay tuned for more!

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