Hey everyone, we just pushed up our latest release and I wanted to take a few minutes and let you know what's changed.

New main navigation

Change machine has come a long way in a few months and it became clear that the existing navigation just wasn't going to work anymore. So as you've probably already noticed, we simplified the top navigation to just be Learn, Coach, and Share. Each of these has a dropdown menu that we will continue to grow as we add features to the site. We hope this makes things even easier to find.

New blog!

We setup this space to allow us to post updates and share information more easily, as well as a place for you to reference previous posts. We'll try to post here as often as we can, and this will always be the first thing you see when you login so you never miss an update.

Updates tipsheets with contact information

We worked on a number of overall visual updates to the tipsheets, but most exciting is that your information will be included on the tipsheet itself. Now, when you print tipsheets, it will include your name, email and phone number on each one so it is personalized for each of your customers.

You can edit your contact information by editing your user profile using the my profile link in the header or footer.

Spanish tipsheet translations underway

We also added the ability to print tipsheets in Spanish. There are only a select number of tipsheets that will be available over coming months and we'll be sure to let you know when new translations are ready. Once a Spanish translation is ready, when you navigate to that tipsheet, you will have the option of clicking the "Print Spanish" button.

The following tools are available now:

  • Banking: Five Fringe Services to Avoid
  • Credit: Seven Steps to Deal with ID Theft

We have a Spanish Translation Collaborative underway with volunteers from across the country, and are working hard to translate as many tipsheets as possible over the next few months. If you are interested in joining the collaborative, send us a private message on Share!

Member survey

We built a short survey to help us understand all of our members. It's designed for new members on the system, but we'd love it if you'd take a few minutes to fill it out for us.

Thanks again to everyone for all your input and help making Change Machine the best it can be!

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