Hey everyone,

We are excited to announce that we just pushed the lastest release of Change Machine Beta live. Thank you to everyone who has been using the system so far and providing your feedback. We hope to continue these releases once a month, so please continue to provide feedback and ideas!

This update includes the following:

New "Action" level pages

We heard from many of you that the content pages were too cluttered so we designed new pages that organize the content at the "action" level. We hope this structure is a step in the right direction to offering a much cleaner layout of the content. Please note that you can use the left side navigation to switch between actions instead of trying to show all the actions together on one page. We also now display "path" content (foreclosure and home ownership), videos, and questions inline rather than crammed into the sidebar, making it much easier to read.

New Share/Support

We built out the first version of the "share" section of the site that adds a number of new features including the ability to add a profile picture of yourself to the system. Please give it a try! We'd love to get to know the community members.

We are launching two "question and answer" community discussions: (1) "Coaching" to serve as a discussion forum for questions and answers about working with your customers, and (2) "System Support" to replace the old "feedback/issues" button that was floating at the bottom of the screen, to discuss issues and ideas you have for Change Machine. The old version of the site had all of this in different places and the new system centralizes everything together and makes it easier for you to discuss with each other and with the Financial Clinic Staff.

We encourage you all to check it out using the "Share button" at the top of the screen. Post your questions for the group to discuss. We're really looking forward to get a dialogue going! We already have tons of ideas to add even more features to Share, so stay tuned.


Thanks everyone for all your help with this release. We already diving into March's release and will keep you posted on progress. We are taking your comments seriously and will continue incorporating ideas to improve your experience on Change Machine! 

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