Change Machine is brought to you from The Financial Clinic. We envision a nation where everyone is financially secure. To make that vision a reality, we are transforming lessons learned on the ground into large-scale, system-level solutions and social innovations that will have an impact on working poor people nationwide. Change Machine combines our financial coaching blueprint, outcomes framework, content guides, customer engagement tools, specialized content for at-risk populations, and active community forum under one roof and make them accessible to programs working with individuals and families on their finances. We offer coaches and programs an end-to-end solution to build innovative strategies and practices into their services.

Change Machine is both a sophisticated and user-friendly community for anyone that is serving the thousands of people with underlying financial insecurity challenges such as risk of eviction, job training participants, domestic violence survivors, micro entrepreneurs, home buyers, formerly incarcerated individuals, foster care youth, and of course, working poor families.


The Financial Clinic builds working poor families' financial security by addressing their immediate financial challenges and helping them set long-term goals to achieve financial mobility. We accomplish our mission through three areas of work:

  • Embed financial development practices into established social services to build providers' capacity to identify financial insecurity.
  • Deploy financial coaches across the nation to build financial security one family at a time.
  • Advocate for amelioration of systemic barriers by developing solutions that improve the lives of millions of Americans.


Change Machine houses The Financial Clinic's “financial development" approach. Its financial development model draws strategies from the full range of educational, planning, counseling, legal services, and behavioral economics that builds working poor families' financial security with financial coaching and self-advocacy at the heart of the framework. The strategy is distinct from “financial literacy" because we hold ourselves accountable to outcomes. Financial development is also more than “asset building": while savings goals are a critical driver for our customers' accomplishments, financial development includes the “on ramp" services—coaching, advocacy and legal assistance—that make financial mobility a possibility.