Change Machine is an all-in-one financial coaching platform.

Change Machine is the solution you’ve been looking for:

"A swiss-army knife for financial coaching!"

Change Machine is a single platform to help you help your customers improve their financial security. The Financial Clinic has worked directly with customers in a broad range of economically vulnerable populations. The tools available in Change Machine are based on seven years of field-testing and rigorous review. Change Machine uses the principles of behavioral economics to support better decision-making and accountability. This makes it simple for you to motivate your customers to clarify and achieve their goals.

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Everyone experiences financial challenges...

Your customers are facing any number of financial challenges. Facing those challenges alone can make it more difficult—or even impossible—for them to achieve their goals. We know that there’s more one way to succeed, and our platform is flexible enough to guide you.

...You're in a position to help.

We offer training materials and online tools to streamline the process of helping your customers improve their lives. Change Machine can help improve your existing practice, and make you and your organization more efficient.

  • Job seeker

  • Transitioning out of foster care

  • Missed mortgage payments

  • Defaulted student loans

  • Homeownership Counselor

  • Job Developer

  • Re-entry Case Manager

  • Domestic Violence Advocate


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The Financial Clinic holds a number of events to support and expand the community

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Becky Smith

Creative Technology Strategist

Brittany Ann Curtis

Fearless Facilitator

Josh Blankenbeckler

Data Guru

Kate Reeves

Master Implementer

Mae Watson Grote

Visionary Leader

Saul Miller

Product Wizard

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