A sustainable financial security solution

TRAIN joins the Change Machine services suite to support programs to sustainably implement financial security training in their organizations. Using a “Train the Trainer” model, TRAIN is your one stop shop for everything you need to facilitate training with new staff or networks.

Benefits include:

  • 30 hours of training modules in content areas covering Assets, Banking, Credit Debt, Taxes, and Goals
  • Ability to mix and match individual modules and our one-day core training to build financial knowledge and coaching skills
  • Building financial knowledge and coaching skills

The best part? Through our more than 10 years of training experience, we’ve built a comprehensive toolkit to ensure your trainings are smooth and effective. Each training module includes:

  • Trainer script
  • Room setup and agenda
  • Participant materials
  • Coaching skill practice
  • Change Machine activities
  • Pre- and Post-evaluations

Want to use your own language or customize the training for your specific sector? No problem!

TRAIN can be implemented on a modular (class by class) basis where you tackle one or two classes at a time, or through a full day training that covers all of the core financial security areas.

Still not sure if TRAIN is right for you? Take a minute to think about how convenient it would be to have the in-house capacity to train new staff, whenever you need. No paying someone else to come in, no waiting on someone else’s schedule, just unlimited access to all the tools needed to make sure you and your organization are ready to tackle the trials and triumphs of embedding financial security practices. Pretty great right? We think so.

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