Dec 18, 2017

When is More Not Extra? Effective Strategies for Financial Security.

Posted by Nicole Dewey

Getting a job is more than just matching resumes and position descriptions. For workforce programs, helping jobseekers gain the skills they need to find and grow in good jobs is hard enough: Participants' financial insecurity can make it even harder. Poor credit profiles, little savings, lack of a bank account, and wage garnishments pose real and significant challenges for jobseekers and those moving up the career path. 

What are effective and simple ways to address this challenge? More focus on financial security may not mean a ton of extra work. The Financial Clinic and the Workforce Benchmarking Network of Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW) are releasing a set of issue briefs to examine how basic financial security activities for workforce programs connect with better workforce outcomes. The briefs discuss simple ways of integrating those practices into existing services, using results from the Clinic’s recent financial security ecosystem, WorkBOOST NYC, as a holistic model for future replication. 

Download the full set of issue briefs here

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