May 07, 2015

Change Machine User Feedback Results

Posted by Saul Miller

“I am more confident helping clients with financial goals and questions. The lessons [gave] me confidence to assist them in banking and tax planning…weak areas for me prior.” – program manager

“It has made data entry time a lot shorter for me.” – financial coach

“I can contact Change Machine to ask questions, particularly deal with legal issues and standards dealing with credit repair….” – financial coach

“I love having access to up-to-date, quality content in form of tip sheets. I never wanted to… [have] copies and copies of resources…[on] my desk…it's all in Change Machine...” – social worker

“I really enjoy the networking aspect of Change Machine because it allows you to connect with other professionals who have resources that you may not yet have.” – financial coach

“It has supported…establishing financial safety with the survivors I work with…allowing them to see their progress and develop…ways to budget themselves regardless of their income…” – domestic violence case manager

We recently asked Change Machine users how we were doing and the results were overwhelming. We heard from the broad range of professionals that Change Machine supports: financial coaches, domestic violence advocates, workforce development specialists, industry experts and more. The quotes offer an illustration of how Change Machine is making “all the difference” in the way front-line staff is implementing financial development strategies nationwide.

Expert support, reliability, decreased time for data entry and increased knowledge and confidence were just a few of the reasons Change Machine users gave us a 90 percent approval rating, eager to recommend us to others. As one financial coach put it, “Change Machine is a revolutionary tool that not only helps Financial Counselors but also participants as a whole.” Many practitioners highlighted how the online platform allowed them to “provide more services and resources to educate not just my clients but myself to take better financial decisions.” Participants love the “clean and user-friendly interface,” noting how “having…specific information sorted by subject areas has saved…time,” and “the printouts…are easy to understand as well as explain.” Supervisors expressed how well Change Machine tracks “each encounter with clients and the support they receive from staff.” One program manager is so excited about the “groundbreaking tools” that she plans to use Change Machine quizzes as a part of her new hire’s training.

Our users’ feedback is crucial to us as Change Machine continues to grow. In just a two-week period, over 60 Change Machine users completed an online survey covering everything from training, technical support, features and ease of use. The response represented 30% of our most active users!

Congratulations to our winners Mario Gutierrez of New York Legal Assistance Group, Courtney Hammond of Amity Foundation, Teresa Jackson of Sharing Life Outreach, and Daniel Townsend of Doe Fund who each received a $40 Amazon gift card for their participation.

While the vast majority of feedback was positive, there are always areas that we can improve. We have an aggressive development schedule ahead of us in the next six months to continue to make Change Machine the best it can be. We will be rolling out new Change Machine releases every two months, addressing many of the challenges that our users reported. As we approach the public launch in October, look out for a new user help center and enhanced user supports. We will also be increasing the level of Change Machine customizability and enhancing LEARN, COACH, SHARE and the Manager Portal.

Whether through tech support, the Ideas Group or an email to [email protected], please keep the feedback coming. It’s an exciting time here at The Financial Clinic and we cannot wait to share Change Machine 3.0 with all of you.

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