Dec 18, 2015

Change Machine 3.0

Posted by Saul Miller

Hi there Change Machine Community!

After more than a year of development, Change Machine 3.0 is here! It will be available to all users on Monday, December 21, 2015.

Change Machine 3.0 Highlights

  • Manager Portal MANAGE: Formerly called the Manager Portal, the special area of Change Machine that supports managers and network users with program management and evaluation has been totally redone. Check out MANAGE with guided organization setup checklists, Manager Toolbox, and dedicated Data Portal.
  • LEARN Badges and Certificates: Your hard work on the quizzes in LEARN deserves to be recognized. Now, you can show off your new financial coaching knowledge with a printable certificate and an acknowledgement on your LinkedIn profile.
  • COACH Dashboard and Metrics: New charts and statistics provide coaches with insights into their caseload and performance. Reporting is no longer just for managers!
  • Customer Collaboration: Collaborating with your colleagues has never been smoother. Change Machine now makes it easy to see who is a customer's primary coach and who the customer met with at each meeting.
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Apr 20, 2016

Change Machine 3.1

Posted by Clement Chan

We're excited to kick off Change Machine's development in 2016 with Release 3.1!

We’ve been hard at work improving the core infrastructure that runs Change Machine. This sets up the platform to run more efficiently with even fewer bugs, while preparing ourselves for an exciting year of new development.

This new release will be available to all users on Monday, May 9, 2016.

While much of this work is on the backend, there are also a few new features on the frontend for all of you!

Change Machine 3.1 Highlights

  • SHARE Redesign: We're propelling ourselves to the future! Your SHARE experience has been reimagined with a beautiful, modern user interface, allowing you to ask questions and view discussions easier than before.
  • Mixed Access Levels: Organizations can now have users with various access levels on the same organizational account! While previously this was not possible, you can now have any combination of Basic, Community, Coach, and Manager access levels in a single organization.
  • Collaborate on Customers Across Organizations: Do you have partner organizations on Change Machine as well? Now, customers can be handed off from one organization to another to receive all the services that they need! The receiving organization will then have access to information that has already been entered, allowing them to immediately get the fullest picture of the customer.
  • Customer Management: For those with access to COACH, working with customers has never been easier. In this release, we've re-enabled the automatic duplicate customer check, restored the ability to delete customer records and made it easier to change the Primary Coach.
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Oct 28, 2014

Change Machine Release 2.4

Posted by Saul Miller

Hi Change Machine Community!

We are so excited to share Change Machine Release 2.4 with you. This release includes updates in every part of Change Machine. The Learn section has been totally redesigned, there is a brand new Toolbox in Coach, and even Share has a fresh look!

It is available to all users as of Monday, October 27th, 2014. For those of you with Learn and Coach access, be sure to watch the training videos below to familiarize yourself with the changes. We look forward to hearing how you like the new release in the Change Machine Community Group.

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Mar 16, 2015

Change Machine Release 2.5

Posted by Saul Miller

Hi there Change Machine Community!

After a few quiet months of smaller maintenance releases, we are happy to share Release 2.5 with all of you. This most recent round of improvements focused on the COACH section of Change Machine.

The new release is available to all users as of Monday, March 16th, 2015. Please review the release details below. We look forward to hearing your feedback in the Change Machine Community Group. Just tag your comments with the topic "Release 2.5".

Like what you see but don't have Enterprise access yet? Contact us today at [email protected] to discuss a subscription upgrade.

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Jun 05, 2015

Change Machine Release 2.6

Posted by Saul Miller

Hi there Change Machine Community!

We're excited to share Change Machine Release 2.6 with all of you. This release will deliver a new level of tech support features and improvements to the COACH section of Change Machine. This is the first release in a series of five releases leading up to Change Machine's public launch in October.

The new release is available to all users on Monday, June 8th, 2015. Please review the release details below to familiarize yourself with the improvements. Register Here for a virtual Q&A event on Thursday, June 11th at 3pm ET.

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Jul 24, 2015

Change Machine Release 2.7

Posted by Saul Miller

Hi there Change Machine Community!

The Change Machine Help Center is here! Release 2.7 takes Change Machine technical support to a new level by introducing the Help Center and more. This is the second release in a series of five releases leading up to Change Machine's public launch in October.

The new release is available to all users on Monday, July 27th, 2015. Please review the release details below to familiarize yourself with the improvements.

Change Machine Release 2.7 Highlights

  • New Help Center: A dedicated site with instructional guides, how-to videos and upcoming community trainings.
  • Enhanced Customer Reporting: Managers can now easily measure customer asset balances, income, banking costs, credit score and total debt changes.
  • Clock Your Meetings: You can now keep track of time spent on the various sections in each meeting.
  • Enhancements and Bug Fixes: Improving Change Machine throughout the platform. Thanks for all of the feedback!
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Sep 07, 2015

Change Machine Release 2.8

Posted by Saul Miller

Hi there Change Machine Community!

The newest Change Machine release introduces a customized landing page for all users and new levels of customer tracking in COACH. It will be available on Monday, September 7th, 2015.

Change Machine Release 2.8 Highlights

  • Landing Page: A single location to easily access all the important features of Change Machine. Browse important announcements, complete lessons in LEARN, ask a question in SHARE, or create a new customer profile in COACH, all from one place!
  • Meeting Notes: Enter high level session notes for each meeting on the Meetings Tab in COACH.
  • Track Customer Referrals: Does your organization have referral partners? Organizations can now customize your list of referral partners in the Manager Portal and track customer referrals using the Referrals Tab in COACH.
  • Financial Capability Scale Survey: Change Machine has long had the FCS survey integrated into COACH. Now you can manually add a survey during any customer meeting and receive automatic prompts for follow-up surveys every three months.
  • New Manager Tools - Customer Baseline Reports: Measure and communicate the scale and impact of your programs by tracking changes to key customer financial metrics (asset balances, income, banking costs, credit scores and debt) in the Manager Portal.
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Oct 12, 2015

Change Machine Release 2.9

Posted by Saul Miller

Hi there Change Machine Community!

With Change Machine Release 2.9, getting started on Change Machine has never been easier. It will be available to all users on Monday, October 12th, 2015.

Change Machine Release 2.9 Highlights

  • Getting Started Checklist: A personalized checklist guides you through the first steps of success on Change Machine. Will you check them all?
  • Top Groups and Top Topics: New Group and Topic summary pages in SHARE highlight the groups and topics
  • New Profile Page: Your profile is your face in the Change Machine Community. Upload a profile picture and let the community know who you are.
  • New COACH Design: We refreshed the customer intake process and customer dashboard designs.
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May 07, 2015

Change Machine User Feedback Results

Posted by Saul Miller

“I am more confident helping clients with financial goals and questions. The lessons [gave] me confidence to assist them in banking and tax planning…weak areas for me prior.” – program manager

“It has made data entry time a lot shorter for me.” – financial coach

“I can contact Change Machine to ask questions, particularly deal with legal issues and standards dealing with credit repair….” – financial coach

“I love having access to up-to-date, quality content in form of tip sheets. I never wanted to… [have] copies and copies of resources…[on] my desk…it's all in Change Machine...” – social worker

“I really enjoy the networking aspect of Change Machine because it allows you to connect with other professionals who have resources that you may not yet have.” – financial coach

“It has supported…establishing financial safety with the survivors I work with…allowing them to see their progress and develop…ways to budget themselves regardless of their income…” – domestic violence case manager

We recently asked Change Machine users how we were doing and the results were overwhelming. We heard from the broad range of professionals that Change Machine supports: financial coaches, domestic violence advocates, workforce development specialists, industry experts and more. The quotes offer an illustration of how Change Machine is making “all the difference” in the way front-line staff is implementing financial development strategies nationwide.

Expert support, reliability, decreased time for data entry and increased knowledge and confidence were just a few of the reasons Change Machine users gave us a 90 percent approval rating, eager to recommend us to others. As one financial coach put it, “Change Machine is a revolutionary tool that not only helps Financial Counselors but also participants as a whole.” Many practitioners highlighted how the online platform allowed them to “provide more services and resources to educate not just my clients but myself to take better financial decisions.” Participants love the “clean and user-friendly interface,” noting how “having…specific information sorted by subject areas has saved…time,” and “the printouts…are easy to understand as well as explain.” Supervisors expressed how well Change Machine tracks “each encounter with clients and the support they receive from staff.” One program manager is so excited about the “groundbreaking tools” that she plans to use Change Machine quizzes as a part of her new hire’s training.

Our users’ feedback is crucial to us as Change Machine continues to grow. In just a two-week period, over 60 Change Machine users completed an online survey covering everything from training, technical support, features and ease of use. The response represented 30% of our most active users!

Congratulations to our winners Mario Gutierrez of New York Legal Assistance Group, Courtney Hammond of Amity Foundation, Teresa Jackson of Sharing Life Outreach, and Daniel Townsend of Doe Fund who each received a $40 Amazon gift card for their participation.

While the vast majority of feedback was positive, there are always areas that we can improve. We have an aggressive development schedule ahead of us in the next six months to continue to make Change Machine the best it can be. We will be rolling out new Change Machine releases every two months, addressing many of the challenges that our users reported. As we approach the public launch in October, look out for a new user help center and enhanced user supports. We will also be increasing the level of Change Machine customizability and enhancing LEARN, COACH, SHARE and the Manager Portal.

Whether through tech support, the Ideas Group or an email to [email protected], please keep the feedback coming. It’s an exciting time here at The Financial Clinic and we cannot wait to share Change Machine 3.0 with all of you.

Dec 18, 2017

When is More Not Extra? Effective Strategies for Financial Security.

Posted by Nicole Dewey

Getting a job is more than just matching resumes and position descriptions. For workforce programs, helping jobseekers gain the skills they need to find and grow in good jobs is hard enough: Participants' financial insecurity can make it even harder. Poor credit profiles, little savings, lack of a bank account, and wage garnishments pose real and significant challenges for jobseekers and those moving up the career path. 

What are effective and simple ways to address this challenge? More focus on financial security may not mean a ton of extra work. The Financial Clinic and the Workforce Benchmarking Network of Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW) are releasing a set of issue briefs to examine how basic financial security activities for workforce programs connect with better workforce outcomes. The briefs discuss simple ways of integrating those practices into existing services, using results from the Clinic’s recent financial security ecosystem, WorkBOOST NYC, as a holistic model for future replication. 

Download the full set of issue briefs here

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